My name is Ridwan Fadilah, and this is my blog.

What is iniblog? iniblog is a blog site that focuses on programming tutorials as its main content. INIBLOG is consists of 2 words, INI, and BLOG. "INI (Bahasa Indonesia)" which means "this" in English, INIBLOG can be interpreted as "This is Blog" used to emphasize this type of website.

INIBLOG was founded in June 2020, 2 years after I learn about the programming language in the past 2018 by self-taught.


What is iniAINK?

The iniAINK is my nickname that used on my YouTube Channel, Media Social, etc.

Why are you doing this?

I want to share with every people who want to learn about programming language such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, etc. Here, you can also learn about Framework usage, Web Development, and related to Software Technology.


Why iniblog?

What makes it different?

In its plans, this blog does not only share about programming tutorials. The blog also shares the news update of the Framework, Software Technology, Gadget Trend, and New version of programming language.