Installation Guide - How to Install Composer (PHP Dependency Manager) on Windows

Posted by Ridwan Fadilah on Jul 14, 2020 - 06:56 pm

How to Install Composer (PHP Dependency Manager) on Windows

Composer Installation Guide. A simple way to install Composer on Windows.

Composer is a dependency manager or application-level package manager used for PHP programming language.

A PHP framework like the Symfony, Laravel, and CodeIgniter is also used Composer on their program. The Composer is helpful for framework installation and project creating.

Composer is easy to install. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to install Composer using composer-setup.exe on Windows computer.

Download Composer

If you download and run composer-setup.exe, it will install the latest composer version whenever it is executed.

The installer will download the composer and then it will set up your Environment variable for simply call in any directory.

Use the link below to download and run composer:

Download Setup .exe

Run The Installer

After you download the setup, double click to run the setup.

The security warning will appear on your screen. Just click run to start the setup.

Use the recommended install setup while the select install mode window appears.

Select install Mode

Installation Option

The Composer installation option is shown after you select the install mode. Now, choose your installation type.

You have two options here, check the developer mode box if you want to take control and just install the composer without an uninstaller. Or, keep it blank if you want to install the Composer to a fixed location for all users with uninstaller included.

Click next to use the option.

Installation Options

Setting Check

In this part, the composer needs to check your PHP and other settings.

Choose the PHP command-line you want to use.

Direct the path to your php.exe path.

Setting Check

Click next.

Add a proxy if you want to use that. Keep it blank if not.

Proxy Setting

Ready to Install

The installation setup is now ready. You can continue the installation by clicking the install button.

Don't forget to review your setting.

Ready to Install

Click install and wait until it finishes.

Run The Composer

After the installation finishes, you need to run the composer for the first time. It's because your environment has changed.

Open the command window to run the composer. Type 'composer' on your command window and hit enter.

Command Window

If the composer has successfully installed, the command window will display the composer like this:

Composer Installed

Okay, that's the tutorial about how to install composer on windows. If you can't run the composer for the first time, try to close all explorer and another program on your computer. After that, try to re-run the composer.

Find another tutorial on our YouTube Channel.

Thanks for reading, see you in the next article.

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